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The Emperor’s New Drugs

Are conventional antidepressants simply placebos? On Wednesday 6th October the Lincoln Academy hosted a talk by Irving Kirsch, professor of psychology at the University of Hull, in which he suggested exactly that. His meta-analyses of the published and unpublished trials … Continue reading

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Researching the history of western herbal medicine

Earlier this year, I attended a couple of seminars on researching the history of western herbal medicine, organised by Middlesex University. They were both fascinating events, which brought together classical and medieval historians, medical herbalists and other academic and independent … Continue reading

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Research into art and science

So, I always imagine that I will have time free in the summer to get on with lots of ongoing projects. In semester time, I blithely pictured myself updating this blog weekly, in between long afternoons of lazing around in … Continue reading

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Conversations with Skeptics

I recently discovered that there was a group called ‘Sheffield Skeptics in the Pub’ meeting regularly at the pub down the road from my practice. They describe a Skeptic as follows: “A skeptic is one who prefers beliefs and conclusions … Continue reading

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