About the course

This exciting and innovative degree programme teaches traditional Western Herbal Medicine in a contemporary framework and fully encompasses the concept of ‘holism’

‘This course is challenging, mind-expanding, inspirational and 100% worth it. Herbs are the world’s most powerful medicine and this course will show you why.’

Kate Sassi 3rd Year Student

We acknowledge that a curative treatment for illness requires a sophisticated and complex understanding of the dynamics and interactions within the body and that the mind and body cannot be separated. The course provides a comprehensive education and training in the principles and practice of herbal medicine, the ‘energetic’ understanding of the cause of illness, the therapeutic actions of medicinal plants as well as the orthodox disciplines of anatomy, physiology, pathology, nutrition and psychology.

Our teaching methods cover a rich mixture of theoretical study, reflection and practical experience including professional practice in our Complementary Medicine Clinic. Our students are encouraged to develop their understanding and practice of herbal medicine through the use of their intuition and clinical experience. This course provides high quality professional training for herbal medicine practitioners and the majority of our graduates enter herbal medicine practice, mainly as independent practitioners. Our aim is to ensure that you become a competent and confident practitioner of herbal medicine.

Students usually need to attend lectures, seminars or the training clinic on  2 or 3 days per week during the two 14 week semesters. Other work is self-led and completed in your own time at home or in the university library.

The course is led by a highly committed team of professional medical herbalists, who continue to run their own practices alongside teaching. In the National Student Survey of 2010, the graduates of the Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture courses reported a 100% satisfaction rate, with an overall average score of 4.42 out of 5 over the 22 questions. This placed the two Lincoln courses at the top of all of the Complementary Medicine courses in the UK for student satisfaction.

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