Lincoln conference of Herbal Medicine

We have now confirmed details for an exciting programme of talks and workshops at the Lincoln conference of Herbal Medicine at Riseholme campus from 9th to 10th July.

This two day conference will explore the complexities of herbal medicine therapeutics. To what extent is the remedy, the patient or the practitioner active in the therapeutic process and what is the nature these interactions? This question is highly pertinent to our effectiveness as practitioners and our understanding of the philosophies and doctrines which underpin our practice.

Herbal medicine has always been revisionist and iconoclastic in its service to the needs of the people. In contemporary society people are ill in complex ways and holistic treatment of the modern condition requires a sophisticated and complex understanding of the dynamics and interactions within the body and that the mind and body cannot be separated. Psycho-physiological processes are recognised as the key to both the cause and resolution of disease and this conference will investigate some of these through a series of lectures and workshops.

Book online.

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