Meeting with Karl McCartney MP, to discuss SR of Medical Herbalists at University of Lincoln


Andrew Stableford (head of Herbal Medicine) , Karl McCartney, Yang Xiang

The meeting took place at the University of Lincoln’s Herbal Dispensary in the Complementary Medicine Clinic at 0930am on Friday 4th Feb.
Karl McCartney M.P. met the course leader: Andrew Stableford, the clinic manager: Anne Parkin, 2010 graduate Martin Schoenbeck and other graduates and current students.
The matter of SR with the HPC was discussed and Karl showed a keen interest in the matter. He offered to help press the cause, made lots of notes and indicated he would try to ask further questions in the house to push for progress on this important matter. He was fully aware of the urgency of this matter given the forthcoming E.U. deadline.
Everyone who attended the meeting felt it had been very productive and worthwhile, and it was great to see Lincoln’s M.P. supporting Herbal Medicine at the University of Lincoln.

John Swift (3rd year herbal student), Katie Tildesley,(3rd year herbal student), Hannah Sylvester (herbal graduate 2010), Karl McCartney, Martin Schoenbeck (herbal graduate 2010), Salil Pande (3rd year acupuncture student), Yang Xiang (acupuncture supervisor), seated - Jo North (herbal graduate 2009).

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